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The Game Changer is a professional real estate photography package designed not only to give you all the materials needed to list and sell successfully, its greater purpose is to become a significant part of your marketing to help you build your brand and grow your business. Long after this property has been sold, these branded tools will continue to work for you!

Game Changer Add-on Options

Elevate your Game Changer with our add-ons designed to complement the essential elements of your package. Find details and examples of our add-ons below.

Social Media #1

Package 1: Includes ALL 18 Social Media Flyers!
Includes a collection of 18 eye-catching Social Media Flyers tailored to each stage of your listing’s journey. Showcase your property with flair using our COMING SOON Flyer, featuring 3 image options to build anticipation. Announce your listing with style using the JUST LISTED Flyer, offering 4 image options to capture attention. Promote your OPEN HOUSE event with 3 dynamic flyer choices. Keep your audience engaged with our UNDER CONTRACT Flyer, available in 4 image options. And finally, celebrate success with our SOLD Flyer, offering 4 image options to celebrate.

Social Media #2

Package 2: Includes one 15-Second Social Media Video!
You don’t need to be a social media influencer to get noticed! Social media platforms prioritize video content, often granting it higher visibility and engagement compared to static images or text-only posts. Our Social Media Videos are the perfect online marketing tool, offering a dynamic and immersive way to showcase your property. Social Media Videos are vertically oriented and come in three sizes optimized for use in Posts, Reels, and Stories on any social media platform. (During booking, please select video focused on INTERIOR or EXTERIOR of Property)

Social Media #3

Package 3: Includes 18 Social Media Flyers + 1 Social Media Video!
• All 18 Flyers from Package 1
• Video from Package 2 focused on INTERIOR
or EXTERIOR of Property

Social Media #4

Package 4: Includes All Social Media products in ONE Package!
• All 18 Flyers from Package 1
• Video focused on INTERIOR of Property
• Video focused on EXTERIOR of Property

Next Day Rush

Need your marketing package back ASAP? Simply select the RUSH add-on at the time of booking and your package will become our edit team’s first priority. Your package will be delivered as soon as possible on the day following the shoot.

Full Per Location

Receive ground AND aerial images of a Lifestyle location in your Gallery and Property Website, as well as extra drone footage in your Property Video. Please leave location details in the Special Instructions box at time of booking.

Drone-Only PL

Receive aerial ONLY images of a Lifestyle location in your Gallery and Property Website, as well as extra drone footage in your Property Video. (Please leave location details in the Special Instructions box at time of booking.)

Floor Plans

Floor Plans contain a wealth of information for prospective buyers. In addition to presenting an overhead view of each floor of the home—room layouts and dimensions are also included. Standard or Expedited Delivery available.

Coming Soon

Need to share your upcoming listing fast? Our Coming Soon package includes downloadable aerial images and a Coming Soon Flyer that is ready to print or share on social media—delivered the day after your shoot.

Add Branding to Video

Agent branding is a key component to The Game Changer. Including your name and logo in your Property Video is a great way to grow your business. Property Address is prominently featured and an option to include your headshot is also available.

Custom Hero Image

We wish every day was picture perfect, but the weather is difficult to control. (Trust us, we’ve tried!) In this case, we recommend our Sky Replacement add-on. When that gloomy listing image just won’t cut it, let our expert edit team work their magic and turn that gray day into a beautiful blue sky hero image.

Property Lines

It can often be helpful to a prospective buyer to understand where the property begins and ends. When you purchase this Add-on, the Property Line Image will be added to your Property Gallery and the Property Video. (Please provide reference image prior to the shoot in order to ensure accuracy.)

Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging brings empty homes to life, helping buyers envision living spaces with warmth and appeal. This tool can be used to enhance property attractiveness, potentially speeding up sales and improving prices. Our base add-on (Virtual Staging AI) uses AI for image creation, while our premium tier (Virtual Staging PLUS) offers a human touch with a Digital Artist.

Incredible Value

We offer our Clients a high level of convenience by making a wide range of services available without having to worry about paying for them individually or making separate arrangements.

Consistent Quality

Our team receives equivalent training, uses comparable equipment, and follows identical checklists, ensuring all properties are captured and edited with dependable quality and consistency.

Unmatched Service

Communication with our clients is key to our success, so our Support Team is professional, knowledgeable, empathetic, and solution-focused. We are only an email, text, or phone call away.

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